What is the Scheme?

The Local Schools Nature Grants Scheme allows Infant, Primary and Secondary schools in England, Scotland & Wales to apply for £500 worth of outdoor resources, and a two hour training session thanks to Postcode Local Trust, which receives funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery. NB this scheme does not provide cash grants to schools.

This page contains information to help you increase the likelihood of your grant application being successful. It explains what we are looking for when reviewing applications, and how the scheme will run.

You can download a copy of the application questions here.

What are we looking for?

Through the Local Schools Nature Grants Scheme LTL is looking for schools whose learners are aged 5+ and are passionate about making environmental improvements for the benefit of their pupils, staff and the community. We want to work with schools who will make great use of the equipment and training supplied by this programme.  The ideal partners will include children in the decision making and incorporate their local community. Applications will be assessed on the strength of the ideas expressed and not the writing skills. You don’t need to be an expert bid writer to apply for this funding!


The programme is only open to schools.  Nurseries, Playgroups, Pre-Schools and gardening groups are not eligible. Reception settings attached to a school (i.e. on the same physical site) are eligible to apply in partnership with a school, but the school must lead the application. Secondary schools are very welcome to apply.


Applicants must be employed by the school. We are unable to accept applications on behalf of the school from PTA’s, Governors, ‘Friends of’ groups etc.

Equipment selection

The scheme provides schools with £500 worth of outdoor equipment which is selected at application stage. Please choose the equipment that will bring the most benefit to your pupils, you will be unable to change this selection once your application has been submitted.  We have pre-approved all products and you are welcome to mix, match and duplicate in what ever way works best for you within the £500 budget. There is no scoring made against your selection – please don’t choose what you think we would like to see.

To see the products on offer please see the products page.

Training selection

The scheme provides schools with one 2 hour training course from a menu of five options grouped by level. Please select the one that will bring the most benefit to your pupils. The training will be delivered at your school, and is intended for staff not pupils. If you select any product that uses fire then your training option will default to one which includes fire lighting. There is no scoring made against your selection – please don’t choose what you think we would like to see.

To see the courses on offer please see the training page.

Pupil involvement

We’d like to hear about how your pupils helped you decide which equipment was selected, and how you will use it. This could be through involving the Student Council and Eco Committees, surveying pupils, as part of a lesson, during an assembly, etc. It can be based on a previous activity and/or consultation.

Project Sustainability

It’s important to us that children beyond the current school cohort benefit from the project. For example, tell us about your plans for maintenance, what your future aspirations for your school site might be and how you will spread the learning beyond just the staff attending the training.


We recognise that a school is at the heart of the local community, and so what you do has the potential to inspire those who surround you. Benefits from your project may include: a place for parents and carers to meet during the school run, visual improvement for visitors and passers-by, volunteer opportunities in using the equipment, a community celebration of the changes made etc.

Pupil and staff benefit

We would like to know how many pupils and staff will benefit from the project. This could be those directly involved in the project or a description of how the whole school might benefit. We want to hear how pupils and staff will benefit from the project. Think about how the equipment will be used in lessons and/or at play time.

Funding rounds

The project is open throughout 2021, and applications will be reviewed in four funding rounds outlined below.

Round Application cut off date * When we will let you know if you have been successful or not

* Applications completed after this date will be put through to subsequent rounds